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About Eyebright

Eyebright Ecology was set up in 2009 by Eleanor Weir BSc MIEEM (Consultant Ecologist)

Eyebright Ecology is a partnership between Eleanor Weir and David Allen, who bring their complementary skills and considerable experience to deliver an efficient, reliable service at a reasonable cost. We are also able to call on a wide network of skilled, qualified associates to undertake highly specialist surveys and to help reduce the environmental impact of travel throughout the UK.

Eyebright Ecology is committed to reducing its environmental impact by the development and frequent review of their Environmental Policy. This includes measures such as using a green (100% renewable) electricity tariff, recycling and minimising printed outputs.

We may undertake work for charities, not-for-profit organisations and conservation projects at a reduced 'not-for-profit' rate. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Eleanor Weir BSc MIEEM
Eleanor has been working as a professional ecologist since 2002, gradually building up a comprehensive set of skills first as an ecologist for Cresswell Associates (now part of Hyder Consulting Group) and then as a senior ecologist for Andrew McCarthy Associates (now part of the SLR Consulting Group).

Her consultancy experience has covered a wide variety of development situations, including wind farms, pipelines, large and small-scale housing developments, trunk road improvements, historic building renovations and barn conversions. She has also been involved in research projects, including radiotracking adders, smooth snakes and lesser horseshoe bats.

Eleanor has developed a broad knowledge of ecology, with specific expertise in protected species, and holds the following survey (disturbance) licences:

Eleanor has experience of preparing and applying for numerous successful European Protected Species licence applications for bats, dormice and great crested newts and has had favourable feedback from clients due to her excellent liaison skills, prompt response and high standard of project management.

A few examples of past projects include:

Prior to her consultancy career, Eleanor gained a 2:1 Honours degree in Biology from Bristol University. She took part in voluntary research on thermoregulation in Eastern Water Dragons in Australia, work of which was published in The Herpetological Bulletin No. 76. She also participated in work on tropical bats in Costa Rica which included mist netting and handling. She spent the summer of 2009 working for the Barn Owl Trust in rural Hungary which involved radiotracking a pair of barn owls, ringing owl chicks, bat and barn owl surveys of churches and rescue and care of injured birds for release back to the wild.

Eleanor is a volunteer Bat Warden for Natural England in her spare time, and enjoys a range of other voluntary conservation activities, including botanical surveys for Plantlife, bird watching, hedgelaying and habitat management. She is very interested in permaculture and low impact development as a key foundation for a sustainable future.

Eleanor is a full member (MIEEM) of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and is currently working towards becoming a Chartered Environmentalist.

David Allen BA MA
David has a lifelong interest in ecology, sustainability and woodland / countryside management. He has a wide knowledge of British flora and fauna, with particular interest in flower and tree identification.

Following a degree in Geography, he spent some years as a Countryside Ranger which included educational activities, ecological surveys and habitat management as well as other practical conservation measures. He then went on to work for Cheshire County Council as a self employed contractor improving footpath access. During these years he was a volunteer tree warden which involved planting and establishing tree health as well as surveys for Tree Protection Orders.

David then undertook a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development at Staffordshire University, specialising in Environmental Management Systems (EMS). He held a number of positions following this which although not directly related to his Masters, allowed him to gain valuable experience in environmental policy and risk assessment, statistical analysis, databases, project management and GIS (MapInfo).

Other passions include wild foods and folklore, permaculture design and forest gardening, countryside crafts and stone carving.

David is in the process of applying for membership to IEEM and IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment).